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>> have to wash the dishes and make your bed. are you free now on that front? >> do you have a special team for the dog or are you doing that? >> how many decisions do you have to make a day? >> can't count them. >> i sure did not. i thought we were going to get two swings. >> this is pretty cool. >> have you gotten lost here yet? >> i have,
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>> secretary of state clinton is here. first president obama slamming rush limbaugh and fox news. and it's happened again. >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which by the way, is not out of control, despite what you hear on fox news. >> what is she talking about? do we call lawmakers out on
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discretionary spending. >> the gauntlet has been dropped. if you only have one or two media outlets that are saying, let's have a fair debate about that and not genuflexing every time you walk into the room, have you to attack them. but it always backfires. >> here's the guy who just sold current tv to al-jazeera, which gets an undetermined amount of funding from the country of qatar, which gets its money from oil reserves. isn't there a contradiction in that? >> i certainly understand that criticism. i disagree with it because i think al-jazeera has obviously long sense established itself a really distinguished and effective news-gathering organization -- >> but if they get funding from a country that bases its wealth on fossil fuels fuels and fossie fuels are the enemy,, isn't there a bit of hypocrisy? >> i get the criticism, i just disagree with it.
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>> i think it's ridiculous that he would even make that argument. but he made $100 million. let's call it what it is. he is 500 votes from being president of the united states. i think this is a very unamerican thing to have done. to give al-jazeera a foothold here in this country, in my opinion, is unamerican. >> we knew there were dangerous people in and around benghazi. we also knew that there was a lot of loose weapons. part of what we were doing there was trying to get leads on recovering those loose weapons. we knew there were smuggling routes that could go into egypt, threaten israel. there were very important reasons why we were there, not just the state department, but other government agencies. whether or when we go back will depend upon the security situation. >> all of that and much more ahead. but first, on the heels of president obama blasting rush limbaugh and fox news,
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democratic senator mary landrieu taking a shot of her own at fox. >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which by the way, is not out of control, despite what you hear on fox news. >> so is this trend going to continue? what do they get out of it? former speaker of the house, newt gingrich is here. at least president obama and senator landrieu put the straw man up there, apparently, fox news is their straw man. >> they're very different arguments. mary landrieu's argument, with all due respect is nuts. the idea that discretionary spending's not too high, the idea that this government's not too big, the idea that the deficit isn't too large, this is not a fox news problem, this is a wash politician problem. i think they can try to find somebody tolls blame all they want to. she has to go back home and explain why she's failing to do her job. by the way, in the senate, which
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is not passed a budget for 3 years. >> you know what i don't understand is both the president calling out fox and senator landrieu calling out fox. and fox has the most viewers and it's the number-1 cable news, it's fully universed in a 300-million-plus country. but we have three or four million viewers a night at a given time. why -- why are they so terrified that they keep bringing up fox news? what is so -- what is the impact on them? >> i think that they are so used to having an elite media which protects them, that it drives them crazy to have somebody who stands up and tries to explore the facts. and i think they also believe they have a chance to brow-beat fox and to try to sort of shove fox in line to behave as much like a passive supporter and so
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much else the media has become. >> that's not the job. they're not going to do that. the more they call us out, the more we sit here and look like, do we really get under their skin that much? what is it about our work? they think our work is bad, you know, we call them out on things and... it gets under their skin. >> in president obama's case, the second part, he really operates in a world based on the principles for radicals that he needs an opponent. he needs the other. >> i think that's it. it's bizarre. you know, i don't get -- it's random, they come up with fox news as being their big enemy. i think that the truth is that they are very frightened that the core of the american people will look at details of what is going on and will decide -- i will give you an example. john boehner has come up with this proposal, if you don't pass a budget, you don't get paid. it has all of a sudden struck a cord, hit a nerve and the mary
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landrieu's of the world who haven't passed a budget in 3 years, are going home where three out of four americans are thinking, you know, if you don't do your job, we are not going to pay you, that's a good idea. that's not where barack obama wants to g. i think he is really concerned, not just about fox news, but talk radio and the conservative blogs, that there is a world that he can't control that communicates with the american people, who as they learn the facts are much less likely to support his policies. >> on that note, sort of the other people's money, the spending sort of aspect of that, i am curious, your thought -- i suppose every other president before president obama did this. but today, the president gave a speech on immigration reform in nevada and he took air force one all the way to nevada and gave a speech and brought it back. now i suppose, every president did that before him. but these are very tough economic if i'm times and it doesn't set a particularly good example. do you have a problem with that? >> i don't have a problem with
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it. but i think it would be fascinating if they told us weekly how much they spent running around the country. you want presidents to travel. i never object to a president who goes to camp david because i think, frankly, the job is so crushing -- >> i think -- i totally agree. >> i like the president being out with t i think any president -- whoever it is. but i did think it was interesting today. this is the real test of immigration. i believe we are going to be able to work our way towards some kind of commonsense, practical step, many of which i campaigned on a year ago. it will be interesting to see if obama deliberately steps in to try to stop it by raising thante. >> why would he do that? he says that he wants immigration reform. nobody's going to get everything they want. >> here's the question -- does he want to see the republicans in a genuinely bipartisan way, get credit for fixing someone which no president's been able
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to fix? or does he want to raise the stakes to have an issue in 2014? i think it will be eye am not saying it will be decided. it will be fascinating to see which of those two futures he decides on. >> i don't think he wants to game the system. he can't run again. even if you were to sign a political motive, i think he would rather see something done. >> everything he's done up to now has been design to the try to drive a wedge and force the republicans into a weak position for 2014. >> speaker, we also want to ask you about former vice-president al gore. now, he recently -- [chuckles] >> you laugh. he recently made $100 million from selling current tv to al-jazeera and matt lauer grilling gore about the sale, poigning out that al-jazeera is funded by qatar. doesn't that conflict with gore's past criticism of oil money and climate change
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crusade. >> you are getting funding from a country that bases its wealth on fossil fuels and fossil fuels are the enemy, you targeting climate change. isn't there a bit of hypocrisy in that? >> i get the criticism, but i just disagree with it because this network has established itself, it's objective, it has won major awards in countries around the world. and its climate coverage has been outstanding and extensive. >> speaker, what do you think? i should note "objective." i don't think they are trying to hide -- governor of michigan, democratic governor of new york -- you had joy bahar, and it's sort of like, maybe they have a news division that's objective. but their talk shows. >> i don't think this is about al-jazeera. it's about, first of all, the fact that it's oil money. here have you al gore, i think if he hadn't lectured us with
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such piousness, you would say, this is a guy on the make and he made money. i have always admired mark twain's view of politics. every time you turn around, there will be another reason to laugh because it's so silly. al gore is a guy on the make. okay? and he's done really well. i mean, mitt romney's probably proud of him -- obama should be proud of him. he is in the upper 1/100th of 1%. fine. but this is the guy who went around lecturing the rest of us, beating us up psychologically, being morally superior. now he's taking $100 mill 41 from a country whose entire come is from -- entire income is from oil. this is closer to saturday night live stuff than it is to serious news and people are laughing and say, i got it. al gore had a shot to make lots and lots of money. he says, here's the stuff i have done about global warming.
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here's $100 million. here's that stuff i don't quite remember anymore. here's $100 million. i think that's what happened. >> i think it's peculiar to go on a book tour. he will be asked those questions every single interview. >> i think that -- this happens to all of us, i suspect it's happened to me on occasion. have you this notion that you can somehow explain the inexapplicable. if only, you know... there is a very famous movie about a murder, where the sheriff killed this guy and he might have gotten off until he decided to defend himself. and he begins talking and he talks and he talks. and the jury stares at him and by the time he's done, they go, you're gettingy. every time gore shows up now, people are going to go -- i got t. you were greedy. you had a shot at it. you took the gold ring, fine. >> don't come back and lecture us and tell bus global warming.
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you decided to buy yourself a giant igloo called $100 million. >> let me ask you about the f-16s and the tanks to egypt. >> congress ought to cut off the sale. given the chaos in egypt and the rise of the muslim brotherhood. the only plausible enemy against which to use f-16s and m-1 tanks is israel. there is no reason for us to be tell selling them. >> who is making the money from this purchase? >> i don't know whether they are surplus or from corporations in america that are building them. i don't know the answer to that. but in either case, there are lots of markets in the world -- egypt right now is a very bad place to send weapon it's. >> why would we do that? >> to prop up the egyptian government. >> but why would we do that? we will hear from the secretary of state hillary clinton on the topic. but is it -- is it money or is it political? >> well, originally, we were doing it because i think it was reached under mubarak as
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dictator and it was part of a long-term relationship with egypt which had in fact been very supportive of israel. now you are in a very different world. i suspect our bureaucracies haven't caught up with reality. >> who is egypt's biggest enemy? >> no one except israel. >> i think that's the thing. egypt is not being threatened by any neighbor. israel is not i. look at the map. desert to the west. have you desert to the south. have you desert to the east. >> they either want to brag and say we have these -- look at us. we have tanks, we are in the big time. or they want to use them against somebody. >> they have a big military. we have been selling them this stuff for 20 years. >> somebody's getting rich here in the united states on this stuff. look, i mean, that's the real -- i mean, let's face it, somebody's making money here. we are selling -- >> in this case, -- >> loots like the gore thing, we are selling them because somebody gets a lot of money, like gore sold his tv station. >> in this case, i believe, we
10:15 pm
should tell them, go sell them somewhere else. >> i agree. i agree. mr. speaker, always nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> we want to hear from you, what do you think about propriety al gore selling tout al-jazeera? go to gretawire and tell us what you think. now to an update on the american woman who disappeared in turkey, the mother of two from new york city. she has been traveling alone in turkey since january 7. she was supposed to board a plane on january 27. that didn't happen. she didn't board that plane. today, turkish police releasing security camera footage of her at a shopping mall near the hostel where she was staying. she was eating alone in the food court and walking around the mall, dressed in jeans, a leather jacket and a winter hat. police didn't say when the video was recorded. the woman's husband is in istanbul, trying to help with the search. straight ahead, there is disturbing news tonight out of syria. 65 men, found dead along a syrian riverbank, hands bound
10:16 pm
behind their backs, shotted in e head, execution style. secretary of state hillary clinton is here to talk about the escalating crisis in the middle-east. and jodi arias's life on display, the woman accused of murdering anotherex"" in the shower, but intimate details he exposed. could it hurt arias's defense. >> george cloney and oprah winfrey are two of the biggest stars in the world and even stars can get caught in their birthday suits. one of them tweet to the world. find out which one and see that picture, coming up. ash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her likes 50% more cash, but i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes. cupcakes? yes. do you want an etch-a-sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no. you got talent. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase
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>>. >> greta: testimony as the defense case in murder trial.
10:20 pm
arias is accused of slitting her ex-boyfriend's in the shower. they called another one to stand and defense lawyer is hoping to show he is a stable relationship unlike the other one. on cross-examination, brewer admitted that they had an aggressive sex life. >> i was taking photographs of you, right? >> she was taking photographs, period. >> some of it included you? >> some of it included me, sure. >> she would take pictures of you sleeping? >> i believe there were a couple shots like that. >> she took pictures? >> there was one incident in the shower when she took a picture, one. >> so she sent the picture while you were in the shower, right? >> correct. >> you didn't ask her to take that picture, she took that picture of you, right? >> yeah. >> greta: anchor troy is live with the latest. where was the defense going with
10:21 pm
this witness? >> that is good question. i have to say, that little soundbite, it's eerie. last images of him alive of him standing in the shower. jodie took the pictures. he didn't seem very happy that she was taking pictures, darrell brewer, jodi took pictures of him in the shower. he wasn't happy about that either. interesting parallel. >> greta: another sordid aspect, they are paying attention to is the fact that jodi has a new love life, is that right? >> that is actually a surprise to me. i met jodi in jail about a week and a half ago. i know a lot of pod mixes she was close to her cellmate. we didn't talk about whether she had a girlfriend. cellmate is being called as a witness when we get to the penalty phase. she didn't say anything about girlfriends. i was told about jail personnel,
10:22 pm
if they have been there a long time, even if they aren't gay, they hook up. >> greta: another weird chapter. is there any plea discussion in this case? >> there was a plea discussion. we got a hold of it here. a year and a half ago, this is before the case even got to trial at this point. jodi and her attorneys went to prosecutors said look, we'll take a second deal. if she were saying i didn't kill travis but her story hasn't changed in the plea deal she tried to get. she said i killed travis but i was pushed that way because he abused me. it's a big significant difference, we're talking death penalty versus second-degree murder. if here in arizona, it's 10-25 years. she has been in jail four years. but the prosecutor said no and we are in a death penalty case. >> greta: what is the defense
10:23 pm
case? >> we don't know who the next witness is going to be but there will be a couple of domestic abuse experts are trying to explain. severity of the attack on travis and try to explain that a woman had a has been abused had this type of attack. it will be an over and over and violent act. that is what we're looking at next couple of days. >> greta: and i was a defense lawyer for a number of years. first she said she didn't do it. then she said somebody else do did it and then she said she did it because of self-abuse. that is a hurdle. lawyers are going to have struggle before the jury? >> they have seen all this lies. the big thing is this. everybody watching this case. how else is jodi going to tell the jury she was abused so badly she had to killed travis unless she takes the stand. how is he is going to deal with all these lies. >> greta: she is going to have deal with it somehow.
10:24 pm
thank you. >> up next, breaking news out of egypt. violent protests are now raging out of control. army chief warning egypt is on the brink of collapse. hillary clinton is here to talk about the crisis. you can't blame the paparazzi on this, george clooney and oprah winfrey, one of them have a pic red lobster's 30 shrimp. wow, that's a lot of shrimp.
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>>. >> greta: warning tonight that egypt could collapse and if it does it could be catastrophic. more disturbing news, new evidence and cruel and gruesome of executions in syria. we sat down with secretary of state hillary clinton to discuss these serious developments and more. >> nice to see you? >> great to see you. >> are you okay? >> i'm good. i'm actually great. final stages of my secretary of state term, trying to get everything possibly done that i can. >> greta: did it go fast? >> it went really fast. it's hard to imagine how quickly time passed. there was so much going on. it was one thing after another, day after day. >> greta: world is turbulent and news about egypt and lot of chaos that is breaking out there. your thoughts on what we should do and what does it mean for the region? >> those are important
10:29 pm
questions. i think that post-the arab revolution that took place in egypt and libya and tunisia and elsewhere, there was always going to be a period of adjustment. what we have to work for along with the international community as well as people inside egypt is not to see these revolutions hijacked by extremists. not to see the return of dictorial rule, absence of the rule of law. it's hard going from decades under one party or one man rule as somebody said waking from up a political coma and understanding democracy. we have a lot at stake in trying to keep moving these transformations. >> greta: is president morsi, is with the program or not. he said horrible things about
10:30 pm
israelis two years ago and other things that the holocaust didn't exist. there is suspicious things he is saying. with all the turmoil, i am wondering is he with us or against us? >> we were quite concerned about those statements. the egyptian presidency repudiated them. they reaffirmed to the israel-egypt peace treaty that is core to everything that we hope to see happen in the middle east. you have to take a step back and look at the fact that the people now in power in these countries have never been in government, never had a chance to really learn how to run agencies or to make decisions. so we don't certainly condone or any way approve of what a lot of these leaders are doing or failing to do, but we also know how important it is that we try
10:31 pm
to avoid even more extreme elements which are active across the region. taking control of territory even threatening a regime where the people are often american educated have some ongoing commitment to make tough divisions. when i negotiated the cease-fire in gaza with president morsi, he was very involved. had i gone to israel first and went to egypt week got it done and still holding. we have to keep pushing forward and yet call it like we see it when we think something is not appropriate as we did with those statements. >> greta: when you met him, did you get a sense he as a good partner or we have to be very cautious with him? >> i think he has a lot of the right intentions, certainly in my long conversations with him, the many reports of meetings that i've received of other
10:32 pm
american officials. a recent congressional delegation -- you do get the impression and the team around him are trying to deal with the economy that is in very bad shape in egypt. the loss of foreign currency and investment and tourism trade. the political reforms that are necessary, but the jury out, greta. i've been around long enough. it's not what somebody says, it is what they do. some of what he has done, we have approved of and support and some of what he has done, like abrogating power on him personally and reinstating emergency law provisions that had been a hallmark of the mubarak regime are troubling. we have a balancing act as do the egyptian people as to how this is going to turn out. >> greta: i'm suspicious of him because he invited president
10:33 pm
bashir of sudan gave him a visit a couple months ago, he is under indictment and should have been arrested. anyone that is lending a hand to that president made me suspicious of him, in light iran is up to their eyeballs with sudan. >> we have reached out numerous times to countries that have given bashir a welcome allowed him to come to meetings. she under indictment. he does o does need to held accountable for what happened on his watch as president. on the other hand, this is long border with egypt, one of the biggest problems that egypt is facing is lack of border security. importation of weapons on their way to gaza coming out of sudan. we have a lot of very intense discussions with our egyptian
10:34 pm
counterparts including him as to -- let's prioritize. we need to stop extremism in egypt and need to stop weapons coming across your border and reasserted order in the sinai. it's in israel's interests. we need to stop hamas from its constant attacks on israel, something that goes to the detriment of egypt because it could be uncontrollable. we have a long list of important issues that we are raising with them. obviously their borders with libya and sudan are critical. >> your predecessor, henry kissinger said the other night iran armed with nuclear weapons that is a turning point in history. everybody lives in fear, whether president obama has said things. your predecessors, prime minister netanyahu has said it, no one wants iran to have a nuclear weapon.
10:35 pm
they are marching forward in time. what is going to happen there? >> as you know, our policy is prevention, not containment. we have through the hard work we've undertaken with the international community imposed the toughest set of sanctions international and bilateral on any country. we know it's having an effect. we have a great deal of evidence about the economic impact that the sanctions are having on the iranian economy, therefore on the political and clerical leadership. part of what we have to continue to do is to keep them isolated, keep all the countries including russia and china on board as they have been up to now. we have set from the very beginning, we're open to diplomacy. we are doing so in the so-called p-5 plus one formatted, but this is unacceptable path that they must stop or action will have to be taken. at this point, we are continuing
10:36 pm
to keep the pressure on them in the pressure track and making it clear there is not going to be any alternative but to deny them a nuclear weapons program. >> greta: i'm not suggesting military action against them. i am looking this from afar but i see a country, yes, we have sanctions but we do give waivers to some countries. some countries get to do business with them. they do get some relief. they are behind problems with syria, problems with hezbollah, with hamas. they are destabilize go to israel. we may be on different time track than their nuclear weapons problem. so, there is going to come on a time we have to make a different decision? >> we've always said all options is on the table.
10:37 pm
the president has been clear on that. i am glad you raised the terrorism as peculiar of iran's behavior. there is so much attention on the effort to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon that we sometimes overlook the active efforts by the iranian revolutionary guard, their proxies like the lebanese hezbollah, to engage asags nations, bombings, destabilizing countries. that has been a very challenging ongoing threat. for a while, i have to tell you, when i came into office there were too many countries that were turning a blind eye to it. we have worked very hard to get the international community particularly the region, europe and elsewhere to say wait a minute. these guys need to be stopped on the terrorism front. they can't be permitted to go forward. when we found out about the plot
10:38 pm
to kill the ambassador here in washington, there was disbelief on the part of a lot of countries. we produced evidence, this man pled guilty. no one should have any doubt that in addition to the nuclear threat, which i agree with dr. kissinger, is potential turning point in history not only because what it would mean to iran to intimidate, but the arms race that would instigate. we have to keep an eye on stopping on terrorism. >> greta: we have sanctions on them. if they are supplying weapons to yemen and behind hezbollah and hamas, where are they getting the money. is it from russia to help fund these terrorists? >> they are a rich country. they have a lot of economic wealth and strength that has been built up over many years. these sanctions are truly biting but there are other countries
10:39 pm
that try to evade the efforts that we have made to make it as difficult as possible to do business with them. we've shut down a lot of financial institutions. we have changed the behaviors of a lot of governments and others who thought they could get away with it. there are still rowing 5 nations -- rogue nations that are dependent on resources. so i think we have done a credible job of tightening the sanctions. there is more to come. we will be issuing more sanctions and identification more people, but ultimately what we want to see is iran coming to the negotiating table in the p-1 plus five format and basically say they are going to have open inspections. they claim they are not pursuing nuclear weapons. they keep referring to the
10:40 pm
religious fatar -- i am from the trust and verify camp when it comes to iran. this is what they say. they continue to say it. we have a body of evidence that points in the other direction. if that is true, why are they developing a missile program that has intercontent nel capacity. why are they adding centrifuges and more enriched uranium as a result. they owe the international community, not just the united states, but the security council of the united nations, they own the international atomic agency and many others an explanation as to what it is they are doing if they claim they are not pursuing nuclear weapons. >> greta: much more with hillary clinton coming up. deadly 9/11 terror attack at benz. should americans now be worried about security at all our embassies overseas or is something being done to address
10:41 pm
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>> there is no more toilet paper. the principal says students were vandalizing the bathrooms, stuffing toilet paper into the toilets and streaming it all over the floor. butted paraphernalias say, it's appalling. >> it's a barbaric thing to come up with. >> it's embarrassing. it's embarrassing for our kids. we have how many kids that are so shy?
10:44 pm
you know? it doesn't make sense to me. >> prisoners are treated better. and that's -- that's bad. >> we want to know what you think. does the toilet paper policy go too far? we are back in 2 minutes. we're all having such a great year in the gulf, we've dided to put aside our rivalry. 'cause all our states are great. and now is when the gulf gets even bett. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautil. take a boat ride or just lay in the sun. enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty. and don't forget our amazing seafood. soome to the gulf, you'll have a great time. especially in alabama. you mean mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who ca the gulf home.
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>>. >> greta: now more with hillary clinton. >> two part question on benghazi. in lighted of what has happened. can americans feel safe or satisfied that we are moving to secure all of our embassies for diplomats. should we go back to benz? >> as to the first question, the accountability review board made a set of recommendations we are embracing and implementing all of them and making sure that we apply them. now, it's not all a question of money. you have to have the right people and right jobs making the right decisions, but money is a factor. ever since the bush
10:47 pm
administration our requests for security money from congress have not been met. you have had to make priority decisions, and it's been difficult. i'm determined to the leave the state department safer and stronger and i know that john kerry will pick up the baltimore and run with it. with respect to do we go back. this was the heart of libyan revolution. we knew there were dangerous people in and around benghazi and there were a lot of lose weapons. part of what we were doing is get leads on recovering those loose weapons. we knew that there were smuggling routes to threaten israel. there were important reasons why we were there, not just the state department but other government agencies. whether or when we go back will depend on the security situation and what kind of security
10:48 pm
support diplomats to have. i hasten to talk about dangerous places all over the world. we have people incredibly in high threat places all around the world but because we believe that it is in the interests of national security interests. >> greta: what about the women of afghanistan? >> they are going to have to be given support from their own government and people as well as the international community. >> greta: it's grim for them? >> for a lot of women, life is better. girls are in school. women are able to practice their professions and pursue their businesses. so increasing group, life is better. still, there are all kinds of discrimination and difficulties. for a large group of rural women life has not changed very much.
10:49 pm
what i worry about is that the security situation will keep a total lid on the aspirations and education of the rural women and begin to intimidate and driver out of the public space women who have seen their lives improve. i think it's incouple bent upon us and all the nations that have been -- incumbent upon us to do everything to prevent that from happening. >> greta: we always see a secretary of state in a public role. i know last four years, chelsea got married. also, your biggest supporter and fan, dorothy rodham who was a big role model and all the washington, she died during the four years. there are highs and lows. >> there are. my mother really enjoyed the company of you and your husband. she was at the age of 90 plus,
10:50 pm
so vital and interested in people. she taught me so many lessons. i miss her every day because she was fortunate she was living with us in washington. i got to see her. every night i could come home. she was so interested in what were doing and what we had seen. i was lucky to have her along. she was a character that overcame so many hurdles in other own life and shared her love and intelligence and curiosity not only with us but everybody she met. >> greta: madam secretary, good to see you. good to see you, greta. >> straight ahead, twitter abuzz about clooney and winfrey. one got caught in their own birthday suit. forget going to disneyland if one n.f.l. coach goes to the superbowl. he may be ru officemax knows...
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>>. >> greta: scenes of devastation in australia. forcing thousands to flee their homes and killing four. many tornadoes lashing large parts of queensland.
10:55 pm
helicopters getting people from rooftops and people caught in the flash flood. it's also disrupting air travel. now, to our favorite social media moment of the day. oprah winfrey and george clooney. first oprah tweeting, thanks everybody with your birthday wishes. no plans to leave pj's all day. and oprah tweeted out in her birthday suited but in her pajamas. george clooney, movie star is picking up a restaurant tab at a nearby restaurant. the party was too loud so he paid the other man $134 bill. the other customer, in fact he didn't realize it was george clooney. now to football, the "wall street journal" tweeting an n.f.l. coach considers a new job governor of new jersey, that coach is bay ven's couch randy
10:56 pm
brown. he was stuck in jers si town and brown says he may be eyeing a new job, governor of new jersey. right now he is focused on sunday superbowl. now to jimmy fallon's tweet. justin beiber is being investigated in hitting a security guard. he could face up six months in time out. finally, a facebook petition to get charges dropped against an indiana police officer and his wife. they could go to jail for saving the life of an injured baby deer. they are facing charges of harboring a wild animal. those of people are taking to facebook to get those charges dropped. you can join the fight. go to to find out more about the story to help this couple. what are your favorite tweets of the day? follow me on twitter at greta wire and send me your top ones
10:57 pm
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